Sean Trainor, Founder & CEO

Since his youth, Sean Trainor has been an entrepreneur who has been able to identify unique opportunities at strategic times and develop them into thriving businesses that have brought success to not only himself but to all those involved. Sean’s first major enterprise was in the telecommunication industry in 1985 in which he was able to utilize emerging information technology to provide aggregated and cooperative services to his long-distance service clients. Unfortunately in 1996, further regulation by the U.S. government drove the majority of long-distance service providers out of business, narrowing it down to the couple of largest providers that remain today.

Sean quickly shifted his gears to the newly developing internet commerce industry and saw the need for digital currency operations. He founded Crowne Gold in 1999, one of the original digital currency operations, which provided an online currency platform secured by gold to clients and businesses around the world. Tens of thousands of clients took relief in knowing that their medium of exchange was secured by gold and that they had a platform to exchange their gold online. Despite successfully winning lawsuits against the IRS and DOJ, Crowne Gold closed for business in 2008 due to banking challenges of the time and more intense government regulations. Since then, Sean has been retired but actively engaged in learning and researching potential endeavors and opportunities that capture his interest, and cannabis has proven to be the most exciting thus far and looks to have the greatest potential yet!

Sean is well versed in entrepreneurial businesses as well as heavily regulated industries, thus giving Sensi Valley the advantage of his expertise as it prepares to enter this newly emerging, regulated market. His rural Ohio upbringing allows him to easily relate to the farmers & community members of Northern California while his experiences traveling and living abroad give him a greater global perspective with the ability to take Sensi Valley worldwide.


Emily Talentino, Partner & COO

Emily Talentino brings over fifteen years of nonprofit management and community development experience to Sensi Valley. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Spanish followed by her Masters in Public Administration, thus giving her a strong educational foundation in global government operations and management systems. Emily worked for many years in senior management positions with various YMCAs in New England where she developed strong operational and leadership skills and was responsible for managing multi-million dollar budgets, risk management & regulatory functions, capital development, staff leadership, and overall day-to-day operations.

In 2015, she moved to Bocas del Toro, Panama to become the Executive Director of a small nonprofit organization which she has since tripled in annual operating revenue in addition to serving thousands of additional community members through the services and programs offered by the NGO. Her experience living internationally as well as around the U.S. combined with her education and management experience will be critical asset to Sensi Valley in developing its operational plans, working with government agencies, creating regulatory and compliance systems, and providing overall leadership to the emerging corporation.