To be the leading cannabis convener of small cannabis business operatives, government agencies, and various interest groups in order to create a collaborative model that embraces the artisanal growing heritages from around the world while ensuring compliance with international, federal, state, county, & local regulations. Sensi Valley takes pride in providing environmentally sound approaches to all operations and services.



Established in 2017, Sensi Valley, Inc was created to acquire Sensi Valley Farms, LLC in order to expand its suite of tools and resources it provided to the Cannabis operatives and government agencies regulating cannabis operatives. Sensi Valley, Inc provides administration, leasing and reporting services for its members to come into and remain compliant.

Research has shown that past cultivation has been done in sensitive areas to avoid law enforcement or under cartel rule. This has caused tremendous damage to the environment, communities and entire countries. The social duress of this ongoing "War on Drugs" has come to its tipping point around the world. Sensi Valley recognizes this global phenomenon and has set out to bring solutions forward like:

"Cultivation to Consumption" a profit sharing program based on age old agricultural models designed to provide members the opportunity to test, process, manufacture, package, market, distribute and transport their products while compliantly participating in the entire revenue stream.

"Forest to Farm" is an all-inclusive administration and leasing solution to help relocate non-compliant cultivators out of the forest and onto permitted farmland.  By providing these artisans with a compliant farm to cultivate on, regulators can succeed in oversight responsibilities and the entire community can benefit environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally.

Sensi Valley seeks to streamline and condense the cannabis industry and its permitting processes in order to make it affordable and accessible to industry operatives no matter where in the world they are operating. These standard-operating processes, while helping industry operatives, also provides the ability to maximize the efficiency of the government agencies tasked with the oversight and enforcement of the new and constantly evolving Cannabis industry and its regulations.

Sensi Valley is positioned to lead the way for small business operatives, create brand name recognition, and respond to the changing political climates with a business model designed for small, mid and large scale operations to compete with large commercial operations. It is Sensi Valleys perspective that one day medicinal cannabis will be decriminalized worldwide and we are here now with an eye on future global penetration.

In 2015, medical marijuana sales in California alone were over $2.7 billion.  It is anticipated that the legalization of recreational adult marijuana use will result in an additional $7 billion in sales in California.  We are only at the very beginning of what will evolve into a $10 billion industry in California alone if the industry takes a sustainable approach, within the next three to five years.

Sensi Valley is at the forefront of this environmental, economic and social revolution.

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