Cultivation to Consumption

Humboldt & Trinity County Cultivators who are members of Sensi Valley will have access to a fully permitted retail nursery, processing, manufacturing, & distribution facility located in Dinsmore, CA on State hwy 36.

This Cultivation-to-Consumption Facility, operated by Sensi Valley's partner Mellow Marsh Medicinals, Inc., offers the following services to our Members:

  • Profit Sharing with cultivators.  Cultivators will be paid based on the quality & quantity of product patronized and the final sale price of their finished product.
  • Processing of harvested cannabis including curing, trimming, packaging and storage
  • Manufacturing and extracting to produce oils, infused products, and other products to increase the value and meet market demand.
  • High quality Clones available for sale in the commercial nursery
  • Lab Testing & Certification through our partner Steep Hill Labs
  • Secure Storage of product
  • Packaging & Branding to meet regulations and increase product value
  • Distribution of product to wholesale buyers and dispensaries in accordance with state and local regulations. Ensures security and safety during transport and a high market value of product.



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