Government & Oversight Agencies (including the State & County, Sheriff's Office, Environmental agencies & others)

- Reduces expended resources in cannabis compliance oversight

- Alleviates community challenges caused by cannabis

- Reduces the number of non-compliant operations

- Relocates grows to agricultural land away from public areas

- Meets federal guidelines as well as state, county, & local legislation and ordinances

- Streamlines the permitting process and number of permits that need to be issued

- Reduces lawsuits

- Allows police resources to be focused on real crime in the community

- Generates new tax revenue


- Ensures cannabis is produced and grown in a regeneratative manner.

-Environmental accountability tracking for reclamation processes

- Bond services for environmental reclamation

Community & Residents

- Creates steady middle income class small businesses

- Provides job opportunities

- Reduces black market operatives

- Mitigates public nuisance due to cannabis

- Generates new revenue for the community

Small Business Operator (Mom-and-Pop, small artisanal growers)

- Provides an affordable solution to cultivating cannabis compliantly

- Sustains the “mom-and-pop” culture and artisanal heritage of the Emerald Triangle

- Reduces the permitting and operational costs by sharing them among growers

- Provides Marketing and branding power

- Saves time and money by providing standard operating procedures

- Eliminates fear of consequences and loss of crop and revenue posed by growing non-compliantly