Our team of professionals and industry experts are here to empower existing operatives seeking to enter the compliant cannabis industry by providing  tools and resources to work together to meet all business and regulatory requirements while profiting from "Cultivation to Consumption."

Cultivators are provided with standard operating procedures when being a member of Sensi Valley. Our C2C facilities provide members the ability to add value to their product and production offering assistance with all administrative & regulatory functions, and to collectively process, manufacture, and distribute their product compliantly. This allows operatives to focus on their core strength and produce a higher quality product while increasing productivity.

We want cultivators to do what they do best:  Grow!  With our members support Sensi Valley can handle the rest!

Membership Services

Membership Packages available to help cultivators enter the compliant, regulated cannabis market including accounting, HR support, IT platforms, regulatory reporting, and more.

Government Services

Streamlined data collection and aggregated regulatory reporting to help government agencies with the efficient oversight of the cannabis industry.

Cultivation to Consumption

Full service facility available to Sensi Valley Member-Cultivators for all post-harvest needs including processing, extracting, manufacturing, packaging, testing, and distribution

Investment Opportunity

The cannabis industry promises to be the next Dot-Com boom in the global economy. Sensi Valley offers a unique opportunity for accredited investors to get involved from the start!