The SENSI-ble Solution to Cannabis Compliance

from Cultivation to Consumption

Across the globe hundreds of thousands of cannabis cultivators and other operatives have operated in the black market for decades and are looking to enter the compliant, regulated market. The bureaucratic web of regulations and the high costs involved make it nearly impossible for small operatives to get permitted and successfully run a profitable business. Furthermore, the artisanal growing heritage is at risk of being lost and overrun by mega-corporations that are entering the industry

Our team of professionals and industry experts are here to empower existing operatives seeking to enter the compliant cannabis industry by providing  tools and resources to work together to meet all business and regulatory requirements.

We provide management & administrative services and IT platforms for small operatives to successfully enter the regulated industry and operate a profitable business.  We also purchase and lease land in order to provide permitted parcels for cultivators to sub-lease and build "Cultivation-to-Consumption" processing & manufacturing facilities.  Companies & collectives who lease our C2C Facilities are able to provide a community hub where cultivators can bring their product for processing, testing, manufacturing, and distribution.  This allows operatives to focus on their core strength and produce a higher quality product while increasing productivity and reducing overhead costs..


Cultivation to Consumption

Full service facility available to Sensi Valley Member-Cultivators for all post-harvest needs including processing, extracting, manufacturing, packaging, testing, and distribution

Investment Opportunity

The cannabis industry promises to be the next Dot-Com boom in the global economy. Sensi Valley offers a unique opportunity for accredited investors to get involved from the start!

Membership Services

Membership Packages available to help cultivators enter the compliant, regulated cannabis market including accounting, HR support, IT platforms, regulatory reporting, and more.